Song of the Day: Zella Day – East of Eden

Today I discovered Zella Day!!!!

She is beautiful both physically and vocally. I love her fashion sense, her style of music, her vocal control, and lyrical compositions. I may just be excited because I found a new artist that I really enjoy listening to, so please excuse my gushing. She is lovely.

I heard Hypnotic on the radio on my drive home from school and her voice and music captured my attention immediately. I love listening to the radio, driving and then when a new or fantastic song comes on my ears get a little perkier and my mind finds a focus. I also realized she has a song called Sacrifice that is featured in Insurgent, which I liked Divergent but I have yet to see Insurgent. Apparently I’m a little behind on pop culture and the indie music they let in.

I also loved her songs Compass, High and Sweet Ophelia and would recommend checking them out. She is very therapeutic to listen to. Music is therapy.

For our song of the day however, I think East of Eden had the best application to our times today. Or perhaps just the issues that have come into focus for me. It is a goal of our generation to keep from being in cages and be allowed to live our lives the way we decide, not society or family pressures. I think people need all the support and love they can get in order to follow where their hearts lead them. Unfortunately, as Paulo Coelho talks about in The Alchemist, there are obstacles in the way of our personal legend. We are confronted by realists every day who seem to think reality is that there are impossibilites and that our dreams in life won’t really happen, that they are just dreams. So we settle. We are confronted by the fear of leaving the ones we love behind to follow our personal legend. We don’t want to miss our families or loved ones by following our dreams and so we choose them over our own personal fulfillment. It’s understandable, however I also think that this is a misconception of selfishness. In The Shame Game (amazing book), the author talks about how its OKAY to be a little selfish. That kind of selfishness ensures that we take care of ourselves first and foremost. If we can’t take care of ourselves, how are we ever going to be a positive influence on the people around us? Personally, I don’t think we can do a very good job if we ourselves aren’t on track with where WE want to go and who we want to be. We are finally faced with our own fear of failure. That fear makes us stop in our tracks, be wary of taking risks, that fear is crippling. It can stop us from growing and changing as life grows and changes around us. To not grow and change would be the same thing as dying. It is very human to grow, change, and adapt. It’s how we survived as a species for this long.

Maybe Zella’s personal legend is East of Eden 😉

“Keep me from the cages under the control
Running in the dark to find East of Eden”


Best Year Ever = 2015

2015 by

2015 by

This year is going to be the best year of my life.

I say that every new years, but I honestly think this new year is gonna be epic! Take a good long look at this last year and see what was good, bad, and ugly about it. Here are a few reasons why I think its going to be awesome and how I’m going to make that happen.

To start, I evaluated my happiness at my job. I have been obviously unhappy here for months now and I still hadn’t been trained as I should have been for the last three months. It happens, and maybe it happened for a reason. I have always thought this job wasn’t for me and that I would need to move on to something at some point. I made it happen.

I gave my two weeks notice exactly two weeks ago from today and I’m starting new jobs next week, great way to start fresh!

Part of my job hunting has been focused on part-time jobs. I know that’s strange if you have a career driven mindset. I don’t have the typical career mindset, as I want to be my own boss. So in the mean time, I want jobs that are flexible and allow me to add jobs to my resume that I actually want on there. I want my resume to start reflecting what I am passionate about, helping people and the environment. I needed a cause or a higher calling otherwise I would have shriveled up emotionally at my corporate job.

I suppose if I want to put something down for a New Years resolution, which we all know are hard to keep and usually starts with some diet resolution. Mine I’d like to start off with Kindness and Respect. I have come to believe that these are some of the MOST important virtues to a happy society. I want to continue working on listening (to show respect) and being kind in my actions as well as words. The main issue with this is patience, which I have very little of… please wish me good luck!

To finish, if you weren’t happy with your life at the end of the year, determine what was wrong and stop doing it. We should all get a chance to start this year out right and I think eliminating exactly what we didn’t like about last year is the only way to make significant progress. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to eliminate the problem (hopefully within the new year), as long as you make progress.

Keep your chin up and eyes forward. The future is bright and the present is amazing. Embrace life and I’ll catch ya on the flipside!

Song of the Day – Oceans by Twiceyoung

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2015 is going to be awesome! (Be safe tonight y’all!)

I have wanted to post this song since last week when I randomly found them by randomly stalking an old college buddy on



Spotify. In my defense…. I followed him on their because I tend to love 75% of what his music feed tells me he is listening to. That’s a pretty good margin in my head. Through my shameless fan-hood of this person’s music taste, I found Twiceyoung.. and fell in love. I love the whole CD, Little Mind Alot. I have listened to it at work (I quit my job and my last day is Friday!) on repeat at least 4 days in the past 8. I find their harmonies hypnotic and their drum parts uniquely interesting. The song I’m recommending today, Oceans (I seem to want to spell it Ocreans…every time I have typed it today), makes me feel like I am running forward, almost falling forward into my best future yet. “We can’t go back now” seems to signify a lot of my “life theories” because I tend to repeat the same advice to a lot of my friends about “Regret,” the dangerous beast that it is. I love the line “I’m not running after you, I’m not coming after you,” because it symbolizes that impossibility of going back. We must continue to beat and push our way forward. Perspectives change, and who knows how long it will take but…. anyone who is going through a tough time right now, just remember “we can’t go back now” and you will indeed see things differently, you will see what pieces were missing. You’ll be happier paying attention to now, more than what was then.

You may be seeing Twiceyoung more often. #runforward

Lyrics found here.

“I see it different, the way this all turned out, I see whats missing, But I can’t go back now, If we can finish this, You know I won’t look back, I’ll never give in, No we can’t go back now.”

Loveliness and Laughter Among the Living

I haven’t written an “advice” post for quite some time and I think the reason being, I’ve just been too focused on all the positive things happening in my life that I feel unqualified to say much.

However, the reason I’ve been able to focus on the good things more might be a good tidbit to share!

I’ve always “known” that the focus of the mind is what really matters. It’s what gets things done and life moving. Sadly, I don’t think it completely registered until I read one of the best inspirational “self-help” books I’ve found so far. I have “self-help” in quotes because it isn’t so much self-help as much as, this should be common knowledge because it’s so basic and such a simple mindset that everyone should know it. But, like me, a lot of people “know” things but either it hasn’t been said in a way that it really gets stuck in the brain or they honestly haven’t been privy to the kind of experiences and knowledge that I have had access to. At the same time, the information is there for everyone, if you choose to search for it.

The book I’m talking about is

Movement on Dreams, Stand Under None

Movement on Dreams, Stand Under None

called “Did I Ever Wake Up” by Mod Sun. AMAZING BOOK. It’s only 70 pages and $25, I think everyone should invest in this book. He is a drummer turned rapper and has a great perspective on life. His name he changed to Mod Sun to portray his life change. It is an acronym for Movement on Dreams, Stand Under None. Beautifully summed up in a name, his character is so very admirable.

One of the points he makes has really stuck out to me and I want to focus on it, and I’m pretty sure I’ve quoted it to at least 10 people, half of them were strangers I met on my trip home this past weekend. He says, in a thought such as “I want to stop being so negative all the time,” the universe doesn’t hear words like “want” or “hope” or “need.” All that the universe hears is “negative.” It doesn’t matter what you say you want or need or hope happens, all that matters is WHAT you are thinking about. THINK positive, DO what you want, GO get what you need. We are what we eat, and I think we are what we think. That really struck me as so true. I have been constantly surrounded by thoughts about hope, want, need and breaking the habit of this kind of thinking is going to be hard.

Since reading that book this last Friday on my plane ride to Minneapolis, and implementing many of its simple methods (positiveness and constant friendliness) I have had a hard time NOT smiling. I just want to smile all the time! My face hurt all weekend and even at my weird job I consciously make myself smile and the endorphin’s hit me. Everything bad that happens, will be turned into a good. Bad things happen all the time

Flowers in the Winter

Flowers in the Winter

and most of the time we can’t do anything about it, like me missing my flight home for Thanksgiving. The only thing we have control of is how we react to those bad things. That reaction could very realistically turn it into a wonderful happenstance. Lets learn how to do this together, as a society and as kindred spirits.

Like a flower in the dead of winter. Beauty can be found in any situation.

You don’t need empathy to support a depressed person

Best sum up of this article. I love the way she talks about this without accusing anyone of being a bad friend. That’s not what its about. It’s about communication. – “depressed people don’t need you to empathize; they just need you. “


When a friend was hospitalized for appendicitis, people flocked to visit him at the hospital. When I was clinically depressed, some who knew it avoided me like the plague. But I completely understand — it’s natural for us to be afraid of the unfamiliar, including unfamiliar illnesses. And when it comes to depression, people are wary not because they are afraid it might be contagious (hey, many don’t even recognize it as an illness!), but because they are afraid of saying the “wrong” thing.

A friend once apologized to me, “I’m sorry I haven’t been reaching out to you or being there for you. I’m not like J — I wish I were, but I’m not. But know that I’ve been praying for you, okay?”

At the time, I smiled and told him not to worry about it. I read between the lines and I read his facial expressions — I…

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Song of the Day – Turn On Me by The Shins

This was the perfect song for this past month or so for me. It is called Turn On Me by The Shins, a great band with great messages in many of their songs.The whole song meaning revolves around falling out with a former band member, they had issues like most relationships do. This was huge because recently in my own relationships (mostly my man) I had the revelation that in any relationship that has potential, whether its platonic or romantic, if there is that missing aspect of communication then it will be doomed. It amazes me that if we tweaked only a few of the ways we communicate with that significant other, it can completely change everything and it will grow. If we refuse to change or back down and remain in our stubborn societal mindset of “I’m the center of the universe and I’m more important than everyone else,” inevitably we will be setting our relationships up for failure.

So affections fade away,
And do adults just learn to play
The most ridiculous, repulsive games?
On the faith of ruddy sons,
And the double-barreled guns,
You better hurry,
Rabbit, run, run, run.
‘Cause meeting you was fun,
And there’s a lot of hungry howlers in this one cell.
We’re taking it over,
Their brittle, thorny stems,
They break before they bend,
And neither one of us is one of them.

All it takes is a little humility, respect for the human person, and forgiveness. I’m sure easier said than done, but these are simple concepts that our own stubborn pride can make complicated. All the same, it does take two to tango. If it doesn’t work out, get back on that horse and ride!! Never forget hope and forgiveness.

So I took your licks at the time,
And to change like that is just so hard to do,
Hard to do.
Don’t let it whip-crack your life,
And bow out from the fight,
Those old pious sisters were right
The worst part is over,
Now, get back on that horse and ride.

Here’s What We Missed…..

I can’t believe I missed the whole month of October… my favorite month out of the year for all its beer cheer and fall colors! The one month of the year I get to gush about everything in fall tones. The one month I get to complain about stores putting Christmas decor up before Halloween is even over and horrific costumes as well as a few clever and awesome ones. The one month I get to drink fall beers till I costumecan’t taste the pumpkin anymore and take shameless selfies with my favorite brands. Good food, great weather, and the best holidays in the land; that is what I missed. I’m sorry.

BUT here is what y’all missed!

I dressed up as a green and pink monster… I even wore it to my office costume/chili contest! I didn’t win either, but I only participated in one so it serves me right. One of my coworkers had the brilliant idea to come as Count Von Count from Sesame Street. He won of course!

I coffeediscovered two new coffee shops that make fantastic cappuccinos and macchiatos! Serj Books and Ascension Coffee are fantastic places to go and eat and have just straight up great, authentic coffee.

I made it to ONLY one Oktoberfest. This was very disappointing to me since my plan had been to hit up at least 3 different fests.

My shameless beer selfie!

My shameless beer selfie!

However, life can take you by surprise and I found myself with little time to go and oct beerdo much for almost the whole month. There is always next October to look forward to though! I always find myself taking selfies with food and beer in the fall. It’s just that time of year, I think….

We had a lovely birthday party for a dear family friend of Casey’s on a rooftop bar. I LOVE rooftop bars! The last one I went to was New York, New York and it was freezing yet wonderful. It was my best memory in NYC southsidedespite the chilling wind. I tripped over a couch trying to climb over it because I was catching up with Casey’s mom. I got to watch her trip right before I did and we both looked absolutely ridiculous, but it was hilarious! I digress. I loved this rooftop bar here in Dallas simply because it was different from your average uptown club or bar. It was cleaner and less noisy than most. Not nearly enough seating but…. I think when people “go out” they expect to stand most of the time. If they don’t (aka, Me), then1425578_10152834518359253_5975674370663165663_n they should probably change their approach to going out.

I got a new HAT!!!!!!!!! I have been dying to get a fedora just like this for

Its fedora time!

Its fedora time!

quite some time…. mostly just this last year. Still in terms of fashion, it has been forever. It’s just slightly too big, but I will probably wear it 5 out of the 7 days in the week. Just too perfect.

Last but not least…. my final beer pictures. I went to the grocery store the other night all excited about refilling my stock of beer with more blue moon pumpkin ale, because it is the best, only to find that they had already switched their fall beers to their Christmas ales!! I was devastated to say the least…… a place called LUCK. They had so many different beers on tap it was so cool! a place called LUCK. They had so many different beers on tap it was so cool!

I look forward to them all year round and now, they are just gone… I do enjoy St. Arnold’s Christmas Ale, but it’s not the same as that good ol’ pumpkin seasonal fall beer.


I don’t have pictures as of yet but the future is bright! We are getting a husky puppy and potentially moving to Colorado in April. When I say potentially, there is not a doubt in my mind that it will happen. The dream will finally happen!

That is what you missed! Thanks for listening to my life update. Ciao bella gente!

Trying to Stop That Hurricane

I’m not trying to stop a hurricane
I’m not trying to shake the ground below
I’m just trying to find a way to make it back home

I’m not trying to part the ocean waves
I’m not trying to overthrow the throne
I’m just trying to find a way to make it back home
I’m just trying to get home ~ American Authors, Home.

I head this song today over the our work radio and for one, I do really love this song. Its catchy and heartfelt in my personal opinion, but they have almost over played it. For two, it caught my attention today though because looking over my past posts, I have a tendency to be forceful about being extraordinary or living an extraordinary life. Which, my opinion isn’t changing on that, it’s just modifying. I still think everyone limits themselves and life really is boundless. However, this song reminded me that you don’t have to stop a hurricane or move a mountain in order to lead an amazing life. Lead that extraordinary, ordinary life. There is that fine line between the two and it really depends on each person what the definition of each word is in regards to themselves. Some people will climb MT Everest, and some will not. This doesn’t make either better or worse. Just different definitions.

I guess my whole goal in life is to help people gently see that there is so much more to them then they realize. Y’all are special and amazing and there is no one stopping you from being a world-renowned movie producer or a not so world-renowned genius web designer  who may very well make the same as a movie producer. It all depends on what you personally desire your life to be. I just don’t like to see anyone waste their life away because they limited their dreams to what they could see directly in front of them. Me, I’m a dreamer so I don’t think I will ever just see what’s in front of me. If anything, I need to work on being in this reality more instead of in the reality of my dreams (which will come true in some way, just maybe not the way I expect). Implement and practice your dreams today, just don’t worry about trying to stop a hurricane.

The view after leaving a Philippine prison. Stormy weather ahead!

The view after leaving a Philippine prison. Stormy weather ahead!

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Life is better in red

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a fashion and beauty blog that reflects my take on feminine minimalism style with a glamorous, chic and affordable twist.

A Note From Abroad

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sailaway from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~ Mark Twain