Song of the Day: Zella Day – East of Eden

Today I discovered Zella Day!!!!

She is beautiful both physically and vocally. I love her fashion sense, her style of music, her vocal control, and lyrical compositions. I may just be excited because I found a new artist that I really enjoy listening to, so please excuse my gushing. She is lovely.

I heard Hypnotic on the radio on my drive home from school and her voice and music captured my attention immediately. I love listening to the radio, driving and then when a new or fantastic song comes on my ears get a little perkier and my mind finds a focus. I also realized she has a song called Sacrifice that is featured in Insurgent, which I liked Divergent but I have yet to see Insurgent. Apparently I’m a little behind on pop culture and the indie music they let in.

I also loved her songs Compass, High and Sweet Ophelia and would recommend checking them out. She is very therapeutic to listen to. Music is therapy.

For our song of the day however, I think East of Eden had the best application to our times today. Or perhaps just the issues that have come into focus for me. It is a goal of our generation to keep from being in cages and be allowed to live our lives the way we decide, not society or family pressures. I think people need all the support and love they can get in order to follow where their hearts lead them. Unfortunately, as Paulo Coelho talks about in The Alchemist, there are obstacles in the way of our personal legend. We are confronted by realists every day who seem to think reality is that there are impossibilites and that our dreams in life won’t really happen, that they are just dreams. So we settle. We are confronted by the fear of leaving the ones we love behind to follow our personal legend. We don’t want to miss our families or loved ones by following our dreams and so we choose them over our own personal fulfillment. It’s understandable, however I also think that this is a misconception of selfishness. In The Shame Game (amazing book), the author talks about how its OKAY to be a little selfish. That kind of selfishness ensures that we take care of ourselves first and foremost. If we can’t take care of ourselves, how are we ever going to be a positive influence on the people around us? Personally, I don’t think we can do a very good job if we ourselves aren’t on track with where WE want to go and who we want to be. We are finally faced with our own fear of failure. That fear makes us stop in our tracks, be wary of taking risks, that fear is crippling. It can stop us from growing and changing as life grows and changes around us. To not grow and change would be the same thing as dying. It is very human to grow, change, and adapt. It’s how we survived as a species for this long.

Maybe Zella’s personal legend is East of Eden 😉

“Keep me from the cages under the control
Running in the dark to find East of Eden”


Song of the Day: Coldplay – Paradise

An oldy but goody. This song brings back so many memories from college it hurts. This whole CD is pretty beautiful to me, but I think that maybe I just heard it when I needed to.

I made my short movie/film thing to this song, and I discovered my love for making movies. Mostly short though…. I still have to work on that patience.

Coldplay has touched many lives over the years with their music and I am honored to be among their numbers.

Enjoy this song Paradise by Coldplay; and if you like covers, this one by The Piano Guys is absolutely beautiful. The cello is an amazing instrument.

This is my paradise :)

This is my paradise 🙂

Song of the Day: Halsey – Control


This fly waited perfectly for me to take a picture of it. Such a nice fly.

I have The Late Night Show w/ Stephen Colbert to thank for today’s song of the day. He had Halsey on his show and she played New Americana which made me notice two things. First, she sounds great live and two, she is very much speaking to her generation, the Millennials.  Although I believe we can be whoever we want and I don’t rely too much on labels as I think labels diminish individual humanity, and I know just saying that would throw me under the Millennial label. The song spoke to young people and her voice was enchanting. This morning I listened to her whole CD to see if she only had one good song or many. Turns out I like most of her songs! Score for discovering new artists! So instead of choosing New Americana as the song of the day, I have chosen Halsey – Control. It brought to mind the question that plagues my generation: Who is in control? With so many systems broken, so many corporations doing whatever they want, shootings happening regularly, college prices continually rising, the 1% continuing to siphon the money to themselves…. There are many things that people in our time could be afraid of. There will always be something to be afraid of, no matter when we are born. We can’t escape the awful energy. The thing to remember is that, even when it seems like we have no control or options… we are the ones who can tip the scale. The masses, the wonderful people, when they/we unite for the common good, that is when action takes place and social positive change happens. We cannot be afraid. We are the ones holding the reigns. So to those who are struggling to keep the wool over our eyes to keep us from moving and acting, Goddamn right, you should be scared of me. Be very worried. We might just have a social revolution.


“And all the kids cried out,
“Please stop, you’re scaring me”
I can’t help this awful energy
Goddamn right, you should be scared of me
Who is in control?”

Here are the Lyrics

Disclaimer: Don’t listen with kids around if you shelter our children, there is one curse word.

Song of the Day – Black & Blue by Miike Snow

This is today’s inspiration.  I’ve heard this song before on Pandora and I distinctly remember liking it, but I didn’t understand the lyrics. I may have been distracted or doing three things at once, but for whatever reason I didn’t have a clue what the song may have meant. Then today as I’m finally making myself do yoga, Blue and Black by Miike Snow comes on. Then I listened, and a meaning started to form in my mind. In short, not all our meanings will be the same and that is great, but I hope you get something out of this song and keep an open mind. Especially if you don’t understand the first time around. Plus, it made me want to dance around my tiny apartment, which is always a sure sign of a good song.



“Hello my friend, I see you’re back again
Hello mystery, don’t bother to explain
How ’bout maybe, it’s all been in my head
Hey world, I’m tired of this black and blue, black and blue”

Song of the Day – Figure It Out by Royal Blood

This song goes out to the inner rebellious teen that still swims inside of your brain trying to figure it out. This is a personal journey that I take every day and sometimes you just have to rock out (even if you have to get a little cheesy or old school) to get a little pent-up frustration out. This is why I would probably encourage just about anyone to get a punching bag. Not to encourage aggression but to encourage a healthy outlet that can be turned into a useful tool for self-protection. That kind of empowerment is great for the soul. Video and Lyrics ** Enjoy!

Nothing here to see
Just a kid like me
Trying to cuss and see
Trying to figure it out
Have some fun kids and I’ll catch ya on the flipside!

Song of the Day – Slow Down by Twiceyoung

This is what my slow down looks like...

This is what my slow down looks like… tea next to a pretty fire!

I told you they would pop up again!

For the song of the day I have chosen Slow Down by Twiceyoung(Video), this actually goes along perfectly with being more mantis. This song is a beautiful representation of slowing down using tempo, voice, and tone. Lets help each other up today by slowing down. It’s Sunday, and the Cowboys are facing the very much disliked (because I’m from the lovely MN, go Vikings!) Green Bay Packers. The outcome could be anything and I’m anticipating much heartache and stress throughout the game whatever the ending, but I tell you Cowboy fans; We must stick together!

Alongside the nail biting game that is about to start, let this song seep into your soul and “This is for the rest of us, Hoping its alright, Old enough to die, Young enough to fight.”


Song of the Day – Tracks in the Snow by The Civil Wars

302310The Civil Wars are no more. This isn’t recent news but it is still eternally sad. This was a singing/writing duo that the world has never seen before and probably won’t see again in my lifetime. As we all know, John Paul and Joy’s chemistry can never be equaled but can be envied for eternity. I wish them the best but silently scream at them for splitting up!

The song, Tracks in the Snow(here is the youtube version) I hadn’t heard before last week (shocking I know…) but it really stuck out to me as it is one of those songs that Joy takes over, but is beautifully accompanied by John Paul’s lovely harmonies in the background of the discordant chords that he strums out. If you partied hard last night, it is a great recovery song. Here are the lyrics to accompany the video.

I think Casey and I are going to try covering it, but the piano part isn’t anywhere on the internet so we are going to have to figure those parts out by ear. It may take a few weeks… He already has the weird guitar part down, now it will be waiting on me!

Whoa, there’s a choir upon the wind
Singing old familiar hymns
And my ears they’re playing tricks on me
I can almost hear your harmony

Song of the Day – Oceans by Twiceyoung

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2015 is going to be awesome! (Be safe tonight y’all!)

I have wanted to post this song since last week when I randomly found them by randomly stalking an old college buddy on



Spotify. In my defense…. I followed him on their because I tend to love 75% of what his music feed tells me he is listening to. That’s a pretty good margin in my head. Through my shameless fan-hood of this person’s music taste, I found Twiceyoung.. and fell in love. I love the whole CD, Little Mind Alot. I have listened to it at work (I quit my job and my last day is Friday!) on repeat at least 4 days in the past 8. I find their harmonies hypnotic and their drum parts uniquely interesting. The song I’m recommending today, Oceans (I seem to want to spell it Ocreans…every time I have typed it today), makes me feel like I am running forward, almost falling forward into my best future yet. “We can’t go back now” seems to signify a lot of my “life theories” because I tend to repeat the same advice to a lot of my friends about “Regret,” the dangerous beast that it is. I love the line “I’m not running after you, I’m not coming after you,” because it symbolizes that impossibility of going back. We must continue to beat and push our way forward. Perspectives change, and who knows how long it will take but…. anyone who is going through a tough time right now, just remember “we can’t go back now” and you will indeed see things differently, you will see what pieces were missing. You’ll be happier paying attention to now, more than what was then.

You may be seeing Twiceyoung more often. #runforward

Lyrics found here.

“I see it different, the way this all turned out, I see whats missing, But I can’t go back now, If we can finish this, You know I won’t look back, I’ll never give in, No we can’t go back now.”

Song of the Day – Anything I’m Not by Lenka

“Time in itself, absolutely, does not exist; it is always relative to some observer or some object. Without a clock I say 'I do not know the time' . Without matter time itself is unknowable. Time is a function of matter; and matter therefore is the clock that makes infinity real.”  ― John Fowles, Áristos

“Again time elapsed.” ― Carolyn Keene, The Secret of the Old Clock

Forgotten but not lost! Lenka was forgotten. Her voice and style had slipped into oblivion for about two years now. Two years is a long time to completely forget about an artist. I’m glad she resurfaced because, she gives me hope for my own song writing aspirations. She seems as close to what I could be if I had the perseverance with song writing that is necessary to be successful. I hadn’t heard Anything I’m Not (<– video with lyrics)before today but I really enjoyed its simplicity.

It goes along with my recurring theme of being yourself and being confident in your own person-hood. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you have to define what you are NOT before you can find out what you ARE.

“I will never be, I will never be you. No. I will always be, I will always be me. That I know”

Song of the Day – Afterlife by Ingrid Michaelson

Picture by

Picture by

I know…. two Ingrid Michaelson songs in a row! It will be a great start to your weekend though, I promise. This one isn’t really a love song to any one person, so at least it’s slightly different. Actually one of the reasons I love it is because it seems  like she is breaking out of the ballad stereotype and becoming less definable, much like Taylor Swift has been. Afterlife is just beautiful and inspiring. Its got that bounce that just makes me want to clean. Weird I know… But listen and you’ll know what I’m taking about! We are going to be alright ;). Just remember to live like there is no tomorrow.

Enjoy! Lyrics can be found here.

“We all, we all, we’re gonna be alright
We got, we got, we always got the fight in us
We all, we all, we’re gonna live tonight
Like there’s no tomorrow ’cause we’re the afterlife”

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Life is better in red

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a fashion and beauty blog that reflects my take on feminine minimalism style with a glamorous, chic and affordable twist.

A Note From Abroad

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sailaway from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~ Mark Twain