Song of the Day – Black & Blue by Miike Snow

This is today’s inspiration.  I’ve heard this song before on Pandora and I distinctly remember liking it, but I didn’t understand the lyrics. I may have been distracted or doing three things at once, but for whatever reason I didn’t have a clue what the song may have meant. Then today as I’m finally making myself do yoga, Blue and Black by Miike Snow comes on. Then I listened, and a meaning started to form in my mind. In short, not all our meanings will be the same and that is great, but I hope you get something out of this song and keep an open mind. Especially if you don’t understand the first time around. Plus, it made me want to dance around my tiny apartment, which is always a sure sign of a good song.



“Hello my friend, I see you’re back again
Hello mystery, don’t bother to explain
How ’bout maybe, it’s all been in my head
Hey world, I’m tired of this black and blue, black and blue”


Once Upon A List….

Meditation -

Meditation –

Transitioning to part-time jobs has been interesting so far. Getting two to align just right is like finding a needle in a hay stack but I trust in the universe and its good will towards me (hippy thought for the day). I know that if I keep applying and galloping along, movement will be had. In the meantime, lists are great and I have made myself a challenge of sorts. Last night I finally sat down, Googled famous or successful people’s morning routines and wrote out how I wanted my empty morning to go. A great list and although it moved slower than I anticipated, it moved at a perfectly relaxing pace. It started with 10 minutes of morning mediation, appreciating my aliveness. I still got everything I wanted done and in almost the order I proposed. Now the trick is to do that every day until I get into the habit. When I get another job, I’ll adjust and wake up earlier to accommodate this challenge. We shall see. My sister just informed me today, ironically, that she has started making a list every night and it has made the next day noticeably smoother. I just had to share this new challenge in case anyone else was struggling with a get up and go attitude.

Nanny Update!

This family is pretty awesome so far. The two boys, Elias(9) and Liam(4) are crazy, unique, gifted, trouble making great kids. Yesterday, I’m pretty sure we played legos for two hours straight. I built a terrible ship that fell a part before the evening was over. I did get a little tired and was keeping my eye out for a handy-dandy excuse to get up and stretch my legs, but overall the three of us seemed to enjoy ourselves and the destruction we rained down upon each other with our invincible alien pirate ninja characters. Elias loves anything and everything about planes and jets, he rattles off jet names and I just nod and smile. He also has a thing for cats. He says he thinks they are cute. Any little boy who can own having cute kittens as his background on his iPad…. is great! Liam on the other hand is very interested in everything, he hardly talks about himself but can’t wait to tell me about what his brother likes or doesn’t like or what his brother does or doesn’t do. They do tend to butt heads simply because they get in each others way as siblings often do. I think I’m getting a little attached.

Song of the Day – Figure It Out by Royal Blood

This song goes out to the inner rebellious teen that still swims inside of your brain trying to figure it out. This is a personal journey that I take every day and sometimes you just have to rock out (even if you have to get a little cheesy or old school) to get a little pent-up frustration out. This is why I would probably encourage just about anyone to get a punching bag. Not to encourage aggression but to encourage a healthy outlet that can be turned into a useful tool for self-protection. That kind of empowerment is great for the soul. Video and Lyrics ** Enjoy!

Nothing here to see
Just a kid like me
Trying to cuss and see
Trying to figure it out
Have some fun kids and I’ll catch ya on the flipside!

Song of the Day – Slow Down by Twiceyoung

This is what my slow down looks like...

This is what my slow down looks like… tea next to a pretty fire!

I told you they would pop up again!

For the song of the day I have chosen Slow Down by Twiceyoung(Video), this actually goes along perfectly with being more mantis. This song is a beautiful representation of slowing down using tempo, voice, and tone. Lets help each other up today by slowing down. It’s Sunday, and the Cowboys are facing the very much disliked (because I’m from the lovely MN, go Vikings!) Green Bay Packers. The outcome could be anything and I’m anticipating much heartache and stress throughout the game whatever the ending, but I tell you Cowboy fans; We must stick together!

Alongside the nail biting game that is about to start, let this song seep into your soul and “This is for the rest of us, Hoping its alright, Old enough to die, Young enough to fight.”


So Much Talent

Budding talent.

In Flow with Otto

A couple of weeks ago I opened up for photographers to post a photo or a link to a photo on my web page Picture Critique. Today – when I finally close the offer – I can with hand on my heart say it’s been both fun and a privilege to be allowed to judge and comment the photos that have been submitted. I am still not done with all the images, but even if the page is now closed for further submissions, I will of course complete the task and get back to the remaining images. Hopefully all photos will be critiqued by the end of the weekend.

This is the third time I have offer to critique photos that readers of my blog wish to have a second opinion about from a professional photographer. It seems to become more popular with each instalment. The previous times respectively 15…

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Be More Mantis

Praying MantisThe New Year ensues and I find myself scrambling to find a job in a week after a few things fell through (as things tend to do sometimes). Yesterday I finally found an awesome family to nanny for! That’s right people, I’m going to check out child psychology through a nanny’s perspective. I’ve been thinking about going back to school for developmental behavior or child psychology because childhood is the most important part of our development as humans and I’d like to better understand it. I’m sure I’ll have lot’s of stories to share!

Back in October or September, Casey and I were going for a walk and on our way out we passed his car. I was startled to see a rather large praying mantis just chillin’ on his windshield watching our every move. I quickly ran back in to get my camera because… let’s be honest, to see a praying mantis is pretty awesome. They seem to hold this infinite wisdom all while balancing on these tiny legs, being able to move at incredible speed and see 180 degrees around themselves. We kept trying to sneak up on it and it would just swivel to find us immediately! It was crazy.Praying Mantis 2

In this busy season, when everyone is going a mile a minute, let’s be more mantis. Take some time to be still and calm. Listen to your inner creativity and expand your balance.

Best Year Ever = 2015

2015 by

2015 by

This year is going to be the best year of my life.

I say that every new years, but I honestly think this new year is gonna be epic! Take a good long look at this last year and see what was good, bad, and ugly about it. Here are a few reasons why I think its going to be awesome and how I’m going to make that happen.

To start, I evaluated my happiness at my job. I have been obviously unhappy here for months now and I still hadn’t been trained as I should have been for the last three months. It happens, and maybe it happened for a reason. I have always thought this job wasn’t for me and that I would need to move on to something at some point. I made it happen.

I gave my two weeks notice exactly two weeks ago from today and I’m starting new jobs next week, great way to start fresh!

Part of my job hunting has been focused on part-time jobs. I know that’s strange if you have a career driven mindset. I don’t have the typical career mindset, as I want to be my own boss. So in the mean time, I want jobs that are flexible and allow me to add jobs to my resume that I actually want on there. I want my resume to start reflecting what I am passionate about, helping people and the environment. I needed a cause or a higher calling otherwise I would have shriveled up emotionally at my corporate job.

I suppose if I want to put something down for a New Years resolution, which we all know are hard to keep and usually starts with some diet resolution. Mine I’d like to start off with Kindness and Respect. I have come to believe that these are some of the MOST important virtues to a happy society. I want to continue working on listening (to show respect) and being kind in my actions as well as words. The main issue with this is patience, which I have very little of… please wish me good luck!

To finish, if you weren’t happy with your life at the end of the year, determine what was wrong and stop doing it. We should all get a chance to start this year out right and I think eliminating exactly what we didn’t like about last year is the only way to make significant progress. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to eliminate the problem (hopefully within the new year), as long as you make progress.

Keep your chin up and eyes forward. The future is bright and the present is amazing. Embrace life and I’ll catch ya on the flipside!

Song of the Day – Tracks in the Snow by The Civil Wars

302310The Civil Wars are no more. This isn’t recent news but it is still eternally sad. This was a singing/writing duo that the world has never seen before and probably won’t see again in my lifetime. As we all know, John Paul and Joy’s chemistry can never be equaled but can be envied for eternity. I wish them the best but silently scream at them for splitting up!

The song, Tracks in the Snow(here is the youtube version) I hadn’t heard before last week (shocking I know…) but it really stuck out to me as it is one of those songs that Joy takes over, but is beautifully accompanied by John Paul’s lovely harmonies in the background of the discordant chords that he strums out. If you partied hard last night, it is a great recovery song. Here are the lyrics to accompany the video.

I think Casey and I are going to try covering it, but the piano part isn’t anywhere on the internet so we are going to have to figure those parts out by ear. It may take a few weeks… He already has the weird guitar part down, now it will be waiting on me!

Whoa, there’s a choir upon the wind
Singing old familiar hymns
And my ears they’re playing tricks on me
I can almost hear your harmony

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Life is better in red

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a fashion and beauty blog that reflects my take on feminine minimalism style with a glamorous, chic and affordable twist.

A Note From Abroad

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sailaway from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~ Mark Twain